About Us

At CLOAN we believe that fashion should be about experience over ownership. We still endorse the thrill of the chase, the joy of discovery but we're about a fashion fling over life-long commitment.

CLOAN is a rental platform that gets you inside the insiders wardrobe. With almost 20 years in the fashion industry and founder of a creative agency, Rachel Cornick recognised a gap in the market for a clothing rental website that integrated the power and influence of social media.

“Due to the nature of my job, I follow lifestyle creatives on their social channels and, because I’m a fashion obsessive, I use rental sites as a cost effective way of updating my wardrobe without increasing my consumption. Merging the two worlds together was my light bulb moment.”

CLOAN is a fashion rental platform with a difference. We are direct to consumer (as opposed to peer to peer) so every item is owned by us, cleaned professionally by us and sent by us directly to you. From browsing to unboxing, you get all the frills and thrills of a luxury retail purchase. No more lipsticks left in in the pocket or crumpled clothes…  

We work closely to ensure all of our practices and policies are as sustainable and responsible as possible. CLOAN is proud to partner with GO CLIMATE who support our commitment to sustainability and off-setting environmental impact.